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Why study online with the University of Liverpool?

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Discover more about studying online and learn about the ground-breaking research that takes place at the University of Liverpool.

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The Online Learning Experience

Earn a master's degree, doctorate or postgraduate certificate online from the University of Liverpool without interrupting your career.

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Master the Cyber Age

Find out how you can rise to the challenges of the cyber security age by earning a master’s degree in one of the most in-demand areas of IT.

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A conversation: Public Health

Find out what it’s like to study online in a collaborative, international classroom with Dr Anne Pousette and Dr Aduragbemi Banke-Thomas.

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Hear from our online graduates

Meet our graduates and find out what it’s like to learn in an online classroom of working professionals from around the world.

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FAQ videos

Find answers to common questions about studying online including information about study schedules, fees and technical requirements.

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Online degrees from the University of Liverpool have the same status and standing in the UK as equivalent degrees awarded to graduates who studied on-campus. This applies to all our postgraduate certificate, master’s and doctoral programmes. Many of our programmes are accredited by independent accrediting bodies.*

* Many countries have their own accrediting bodies, and degree recognition differs from country to country. If you reside outside of the United Kingdom, please review your country of residence’s requirements to confirm recognition of your programme.

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