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Engineer-turned-management consultant Aaditya Raman from Canada credits his Liverpool Online MBA with helping him to land a great job in investment banking and giving him the knowledge to start his own business.

“Things with my career have really taken off since I officially graduated with the MBA - it was a great decision to pursue it from the University of Liverpool. My employer, impressed with my strategic thinking and delivery abilities, is in talks with me to lead several large infrastructure projects for them, valued at over $800 million,” said Aaditya, who graduated on campus at the end of 2016.

“The value of the MBA came through before I even completed my studies. Half-way through my programme, I was able to land an impressive job in investment banking with one of the largest banks in North America,” he said. “The dissertation and my experience in banking helped me pivot into management consulting in the growing infrastructure and transit sector.”

“The MBA has opened doors for me that I would never have thought possible. In addition to the engineering sector, I have now had opportunities to work in both investment banking and management consulting.”

Starting his own enterprise

Aaditya is now watching the energy sector with interest as it is an area he has moved into as an entrepreneur. He admits it’s a challenging industry to break into but with a background in engineering and experience with power companies, it is an industry he knows well.

He has established a small renewable energy facility that he designed and installed himself. It has generated 1,800 kilowatt hours of energy, the equivalent of 590,140 batteries and he has a contract with the government to feed power into the national grid.

“Renewables are the future,” he said. Aaditya made the important steps to realise his entrepreneurial ambitions, after completing valuable research through his dissertation into the best funding sources for startups and SMEs.

Competitive environment

Aaditya’s exposure to fast-paced, competitive, risky and change-prone environments, plus his passion for business, led him on the path to an MBA.

He chose online study with the University of Liverpool for its flexibility, global brand, and research framework as well as the focus on developing technical skills in a multicultural interactive environment.

“I really liked the flexibility of the programme and how I could coordinate my studies with my work and private commitments,” said Aaditya, who married just before he started his online studies. “Having the support of your employer and family is crucial as managing work, study and a personal life certainly gets demanding very quickly.”

A global community of professionals

Aaditya extended his international network during the MBA programme and weekly inputs from professors and international peers were among the highlights of his online MBA programme.

“Hearing their diverse outlooks and receiving their inputs on my work not only broadened my knowledge and understanding, but it also provided me with an opportunity to immediately improve and measure that improvement,” he said.

“I also liked the fact that I could link academic problems and case studies and be able to use those to reflect on issues in my workplace.”

With a lot of exciting plans for the future, would he recommend the University of Liverpool Online? Definitely: “It’s a flexible and fantastic way to earn a quality education that really challenges you, pushes your boundaries and helps you grow,” said Aaditya.

“Having an MBA is certainly something that sets you apart.”

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