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“ I believe I have made a real investment in my future by achieving my MBA.”

Frencis, firstly congratulations on achieving your MBA with the University of Liverpool. Before you started your MBA studies, can you tell us what expectations you had of studying an online programme?

I imagined my MBA studies would be interesting and insightful, which was definitely the case, but in reality it also required a lot of hard work and commitment.

What did you think were the main advantages to you of following an online MBA?

I have a busy job, so it was important for me to follow a course that I could also fit into my day-to-day life, so time flexibility was one of the main reasons I chose an online study programme. But more than that, the opportunity to participate in virtual classrooms and group projects with fellow students from all over the world really added a global dimension to the class discussions and broadened my experiences.

Have you been able to put the knowledge and skills from your MBA into practice?

Working with my fellow students in the virtual classroom environment really allows for a global exchange of work and business experiences. This has made me much more aware of working with other people from different countries, cultures, and a really broad range of professional backgrounds.

How relevant and up to date was the material you used in your classes?

We always used the most recent research studies and papers, and were given relevant, current examples of case studies to use in our classroom discussions and assignments.

Can you tell us a little bit about the mix of people you met in the virtual classrooms?

Many were professionals with various business backgrounds - mostly managers, specialised in finance, marketing or operations. There were also some with quite difference backgrounds, being surgeons, doctors and engineers. But all my fellow students were busy working professionals with many years of work experience and very inspirational – being successful but still striving to go that extra mile by enroling for the online MBA programme.

Some of my classmates experienced difficult personal circumstances whilst studying, but by doing an online study programme, they were able to continue the course because of the flexibility of online learning.

Which countries were they from and are you still in touch with some of your former classmates?

My classes were very international and I met people from all over Africa, the UK, USA, Ukraine and Middle East. I have stayed in touch with some of the Hong Kong based students and attended our local alumni meetings.

What would you recommend to people in your country, who are considering an online Masters programme as an alternative to a local campus-based option?

I think it depends on what their needs are and what they are aiming to get out of their studies. I do believe it’s a great way to further develop your career prospects and complete your education whilst combining it with work and fitting into your personal life.

What should prospective students consider when choosing the right programme?

It’s definitely important that you understand the course format and content, and the time that is required of you to commit to the coursework. Think about how it will apply to your goals, does it fit with them, will it help you grow personally and professionally?

In a nutshell, what has happened in your life since graduating with your MBA degree?

With the knowledge and skills I’ve gained from my MBA, I now feel confident to make the right decisions that will most benefit my future career. I’m ready to take the next step up the professional ladder.

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