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Neil J. Campbell describes himself as a global serial entrepreneur and professional investor in science and technology. Based in the USA, he regularly commutes between London, Hong Kong and Auckland, New Zealand. Neil is currently the Founder and Chairman for Mosaigen™, Inc., a global healthcare and IT technology development corporation, headquartered in Rockville, Maryland USA.

He is also a member of the Adjunct Faculty of the Carey Graduate School of Business and Entrepreneurship at the Johns Hopkins University and lectures in the JHU Medical Schools.

Why did you choose the University of Liverpool online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme?

“It offered a scholar- practitioner approach to learning, lifelong learning tools such as Action Learning, the opportunity to study with an integrated and renowned university which is global in its remit, and an institution that is committed to real global education with its international partner university, Xi’an Jiatong-Liverpool University (XJTLU), in China."

What motivated you to pursue a DBA?

“I was interested in extending my knowledge and application as a scholar-practitioner in both the corporate and academic worlds. Today’s leaders are tasked to operate in a diverse and complex world. To excel and innovate they require an approach that integrates theory with practice in action. This scholar-practitioner aproach drives deeper into executives’ everyday actions providing the foundation for future growth and success.”

What attracted you to take an online programme?

“I wanted to interact with the university campus but also have the global reach of classmates, professors, and topical issues that only an online programme can offer. The online format allows very senior working executives with a scholar-practitioner perspective to share their daily challenges. Only a high quality online programme can offer this. I also think that with the advanced nature of our professional experience, the online format is better for a doctoral plan of study, especially in business.”

Can you tell us about the programme’s innovative approach to applied research through Critical Action Learning?

“I sought a programme which was based on this school of thought. Critical Action Learning provides a well-grounded framework in which to apply the acquisition of knowledge in real-time. I believe that an Action-Learning framework enriches the learning environment and enhances my DBA experience.”

As well as flexibility, what other advantages does an online programme offer?

“The ability to read, study, synthesise, and share knowledge on a 24/7 capability – we interact more as a class cohort by using online tools than if we were in study groups or in the ‘bricks and mortar’ classrooms. Online provides a more continuous stream of thinking, collaborating, and knowledge sharing.”

The University of Liverpool is particularly proud of the cultural and professional diversity of its students - what can you say about this first DBA class cohort?

“We have individuals from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas – we also have several nationals living expat lives and providing a very rich texture to our discussions. I love the group, the online format, and the addictive nature of knowledge building and sharing. This is one way to greatly increase the lifelong learning process for senior executives.”

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