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Philippa Eriksson Philippa Eriksson-Room is a project manager for a Swedish tour operator. She has recently completed an online MBA from the University of Liverpool.

What was your motivation for deciding to embark on studying for an MBA?

My motivation for embarking on the MBA was that I had been self-employed for a number of years and I wanted to get back into employment. And I felt that I lacked the academic credentials to get the kind of employment that I really wanted.

Why did you choose to study online?

I chose the online method because it suited me. I could carry on with my job, I could stay in Stockholm, and the independent study really suited me.

What made you choose the University of Liverpool?

It was important to me to choose a well-known, reputable university. I knew that I would be able to show my degree to anyone and they would understand immediately the quality of the education I have.

Do you think an MBA gives an individual a competitive edge in the marketplace?

Yes, I think the MBA carries a strength with it, especially coming from a good university. Employers realise that you know what you’re talking about. They know who they are employing if you have an MBA.

How did you stay motivated during the programme?

The programme was so diverse that I got re-motivated every time I started a new module.

What are your top tips for managing your time while on the course?

I think you need a supportive family, and you need to take advantage of that support. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself - try to relieve as much pressure as possible on the other parts of your life so that you have enough time for studying.

What was your dissertation about?

My dissertation was about sustainable tourism. I knew that’s what I wanted to research before I chose the course. The exact topic was growing as we went along, but that’s really what I wanted to write about.

What advice would you give to a student about choosing their dissertation topic?

It’s a good idea to think about it from the very beginning, because then when you start a module you can think about how to bring that learning into the dissertation.

Have you found that what you learned on the programme has been applicable to your day to day career?

Absolutely. Especially learning about E-commerce, the advanced concepts of an E-business, which is incredibly relevant to my work. Also managing change, which I thought was really useful at a personal development level.

Do you think the programme had a positive effect on you as a person?

Definitely. I’ve changed a lot, I’m much more self-secure and self-confident.

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