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Putting an MSc in Information Systems Management into practice to benefit mature-aged staff

For the last 17 years, Jamaican-born Wadud Grant has been an IT professional in Toronto, Canada. The pioneering research he produced during his MSc in Information Systems Management at the University of Liverpool Online, has helped to ease anxieties for middle-aged and elderly healthcare professionals dealing with a range of new technologies.

Improving the health of his colleagues through online study

He surveyed more than 500 colleagues from three different hospital, that are part of the William Osler Health System where he works in Toronto, and found that more than 75% were stressed by using technology on a daily basis. He says: “When I dug in further to refine my analysis, I realised most of those affected were aged 35 or over, right the way up to our elderly workers aged 75.”

The solution? Wadud designed a series of training courses and events, with colleagues placed within classes of similarly-aged workers. “By splitting up the class, they can work with their own age group, take the time to learn the material properly, and therefore minimise the stress.”

He adds: “My CIO was quite pleased. A whole fleet of training started right after my research, based on the writings I provided him. When you’re at a senior level, you don’t really get to see a lot of your workers, so you’re not always aware of this kind of stress.”

Keeping his mind active with online learning

Today, he reflects on his master’s as one of his most significant achievements.

With four children and two grandchildren, Wadud says he sees studying as one way of keeping his brain active. “The interaction with the different cultures and individuals I met along the way helped me to open my eyes about the different points of view in the world we live in.”

Wadud recognises three things were key to his success: discipline, excellent time management, and strong connections with the University online faculty members.

“If there’s one thing I’d say to anyone looking to further education while working full-time,” he says, “it’s that you better have good time management! You’ve got to really stick with it, keep focused and be very dedicated.”

Staying a step ahead with an MSc in Information Systems Management

The chance to study online with the University of Liverpool was something Wadud says he could not resist.

“I’ve been in Information Systems for over 17 years,” he says. “It’s a field that I love, which is why I chose to further my knowledge. It’s really hard to keep up with the changes in IT, but you’ve got to do what you can to be a step ahead.”

Has Wadud’s story inspired you to consider a master’s degree while you work? Could you make a difference in your workplace with cutting-edge research? Find out more about the MSc in Information Systems Management online programme.

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