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Your professional development is valuable to your organisation

Discuss the support available from your employer, such as time commitment or financial support for an online programme that will increase your professional impact.

Studying 100% online with the world-class University of Liverpool can be a win-win situation for you and your employer, allowing you to:

  • work while you study, saving your employer the time and cost of hiring a replacement
  • apply your new knowledge and skills at work, potentially improving your performance
  • bring in fresh ideas from the international classroom, helping to create new solutions for the business

Before approaching your employer for support, it’s good to frame your request carefully

Research your organisation
Research your organisation
Determine the best way to approach your employer.
Structure your request
Structure your request
Show how investment in your education can benefit the company.
Read the small print
Read the small print
Find out what your employer’s sponsorship terms and conditions are.

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