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It was my dream during my undergraduate study to act and live in a consulting environment. I adore the dynamics and challenges of business cases and having to think out of the box to provide reliable solutions. Since Day One after graduation, I decided to conquer the consulting field by learning and applying for apprenticeships with key consultants with diversified experience worldwide.

I have now been a consultant for more than eight years, working in local, national and multinational organisations in fields ranging from IT consulting and business process re-engineering to business development and organisational strategy. This has given me valuable, hands-on experience.

However, I believe in backing this first-hand experience with knowledge from books. This combination can be hard to get once you have started working in business. This is one of the reasons that made me extend my academic studies by studying for my second postgraduate degree, i.e. my MBA from the University of Liverpool Online. And now I witness how it’s a really valuable investment in terms of time, efforts, and money.

Meanwhile, I’m still working. I would like to share some snapshots from a day of mine as a Senior Consultant working at Baker Tilly Kuwait, part of Baker Tilly International, an international network of independently owned and managed accountancy and business advisory firms.

A day in the life of a consultant studying an MBA online

I usually start my day with my wife by waking up at 4:00AM and having a quick breakfast in order to recharge some energy before going to the gym which is five minutes’ walk from our house. We exercise for 45 minutes then go back home for a refreshing shower. By 6:00AM I’m sitting in my home office having my morning coffee while reading the newspaper, checking my personal emails and reading one of my targeted readings list of the month; usually I target two books every month. By 7:30AM I will be in my office in the city, checking business emails and preparing for the planned meetings in the first half of the day. Then I start preparing for meeting scenarios and trying to enrich the meetings’ agendas. Usually I conduct one or two meetings (daily) outside the office until 1:00PM. Then I return to the office to brief my business colleagues and plan next steps.

By the second half of the day, I start developing or reviewing some proposals and doing some follow-ups with the consulting team regarding their running assignments or potential opportunities we work on together. By 4:00PM, I stop my “operations” mind and start my “creativity and visionary” mind by developing some development initiatives or business ideas or cooking up improvement plans in the company and for the team. Before I leave the office at 5:00PM, I write down all pending items and the tasks that need follow-up tomorrow using our internal task management portal.

When I’m back home, it’s a time to enjoy a meal with my wife while discussing and reflecting on some of the day’s events at her work or mine.

7:30PM it’s the time of Liverpool World! I log into the University of Liverpool Online student portal to manage my assignments, do research, and exchange some experiences while commenting discussing business issues with my classmates. By 11:00PM, it’s time to go to bed after a rich day of work, study and home life.

It’s sometimes difficult to combine all these elements but the returns are high. By investing now in a reputable postgraduate study from one of the top-notch universities in the world, I gain a higher business value and career progression, and become a visionary husband and father!

I have chosen to live and enjoy the journey with my passion to succeed.

Enjoy peaceful moments

Ahmed Ragab

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