The University of Liverpool Podcast is now available to download on iTunes and aims to bring you closer to some of the academic experts, authors and innovative thinkers from the University, who through their in-depth analyses, research and discoveries are affecting positive change in the world today.

Join our host – Canadian journalist and producer, Neil Morrison as he covers a wide range of topics including; cancer-detecting smelling machines, Beatles tourism, and cyber security (to name but a few), with thought leaders from University of Liverpool. Subscribe, listen and review.

#005 Big data and the search for MH370

Podcast 5Professor of Autonomous Systems, Simon Maskell was involved in the hunt for MH370, the Malaysian Airlines plane that went missing shortly after take-off on March 8, 2014. In this episode he studies the critical role human judgement plays within the development and control of autonomous systems. The ethics that should guide these judgements will be the subject of our next episode.

#004 Suzi Gage on ‘Say Why to Drugs’

Podcast Drugs Lecturer in Psychology and prolific podcaster, Dr. Suzi Gage along with her co-host UK rapper Scroobius Pip take an evidence based approach to discussing recreational drugs. In 2016 their podcast won Skeptic Magazine’s Ockham Award for Best Podcast while Suzi Gage herself was presented this year with the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Early Career Award for Public Engagement with Science.

#003 Nanomedicine shrinks the cost of HIV treatment

Podcast Prof Steve Rannard and Prof Andrew Owen are using nanotechnology to make HIV medicine more effective and less expensive. Nanomedicine builds tiny particles of medication that are designed to drive the drug into the bloodstream more effectively. The results of which, could greatly increase the number of HIV patients that can receive therapy in low to middle income countries.

#002 Liverpool – Cradle of the Beatles

Podcast Dr Mike Jones traces the City of Liverpool’s complex relationship with The Beatles. It may seem difficult believe today, but the city was not always so warm in its embrace of four of its most famous sons. A fascinating story that has its origins in the dramatic social, political and economic changes of the past century.  

#001 Follow your nose

Podcast The lives of patients who currently experience invasive tests for bladder and prostate cancer diagnosis could be made easier. Find out how a machine with smell sensitivity can screen urine samples for cancer.  

The University of Liverpool Podcast is a production of the University of Liverpool.

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