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  • MSc in Advanced Computer Science

    One of the only UK advanced computer science degrees delivered completely online, it’s an opportunity to gain practical skills in the use of algorithms and intelligent systems to create intelligent solutions.

  • MSc in Big Data Analytics

    Designed to provide you with the skills to capitalise on the potential of big data and analytics to transform business decision-making and planning.

  • MSc in Cyber Security

    Gain a comprehensive and critical understanding of the theory and techniques of contemporary cyber security, and learn how to apply these in response to real-world business problems.

  • MSc in Information Systems Management

    Designed to transform IT managers into senior information systems managers, ready to take on leading IT/IS positions worldwide.

  • MSc in Software Engineering

    Designed to provide you with practical skills to design, implement and manage complex software products.

  • Postgraduate Award in Big Data Analytics

    Specifically designed for technology analysts, managers and developers, this programme focuses on the practical application of big data management frameworks and processing platforms to uncover and analyse big data to enhance business opportunities.

  • Postgraduate Award in Cyber Crime Prevention

    Gain critical technical skills in the leading technologies of cybercrime prevention and cryptography in this practical programme. Designed specifically for technology professionals already working in the field of security, the programme focuses on the practical application of tools and processes to address rapidly developing cybersecurity threats.

  • Postgraduate Award in Data Visualisation and Warehousing

    This practical programme is specifically designed for technology professionals looking to enhance their current skills in relation to the tools and techniques behind big data, data visualisation and data warehousing.

  • Postgraduate Award in Data-Driven Decision Making

    Quality data leads to better business insights and can help an organisation capitalise on unseen opportunities. This practical, hands-on programme is designed for technology professionals who are looking to increase their ability to produce tools for better data-backed business decisions.

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Big Data Analytics

    Gain a thorough understanding of the technology and practical applications of big data analytics.

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Cyber Security

    Learn essential skills and techniques to understand and manage cyber security, with this specialist 12-month programme.

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Information Systems Management

    12-month programme designed to help you leverage the power of technology to manage and lead IT/IS in organisations

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Technology Innovation

    Within successful organisations, technology can be a vital part of a company’s innovation and growth strategy. In this skills-based programme, learn how to develop strategies to drive business efficiency through the use of technology.

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  • Doctor of Education (EdD)

    Focused on the latest practice, research, and leadership thinking in higher education, with an emphasis on universities.

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