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We are not taking new enrolments at this moment for the Online DBA programme. Please revisit this page for future updates.

Optional face-to-face residencies

The DBA is a fully online programme, accessible from start to finish online. It brings together executives and working professionals from all over the world in a stimulating online classroom. In addition, DBA students can choose to take part in optional residencies that give them the opportunity to deepen their learning process and to meet in person.

How the residencies work in practice

The residencies, held in the city of Liverpool, UK, focus on research. They replace either Module 7 (Complex Adaptive Systems) or Module 8 (Decision Making with Risk and Uncertainty) and consist of two 4-5 day meetings in which students have the opportunity to work alongside experienced researchers.

Students work directly with Faculty to develop their research and writing skills and explore a range of different research approaches. Between the first and second residencies, each student conducts a research project and produces a paper that he or she presents at a conference during the second residency.

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