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All over the world people are suffering due to poor health and a lack of awareness when it comes to their wellbeing.

While things are improving there is still much that can be done in the field of public health, especially in rural areas where health awareness is low.

What is public health?

Public health refers to the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through informed choices of society, organisations, communities and individuals.

Students and alumni of the University of Liverpool online Master of Public Health use many different methods for health promotion, awareness and education across a number of different areas.

Largely, our students work in densely-populated, developing countries with health risks such as infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS and malaria, non-communicable disease such as diabetes and the threat of environmental dangers such as air pollution.

Air pollution is a major environmental risk to health. High levels of air pollution can cause disease from stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and both chronic and acute respiratory diseases, including asthma.

New data from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that air pollution has risen by 8% over the last five years, with four of the world’s 20 worst-ranked cities for air quality in Nigeria. Annual deaths caused by air pollution are estimated at 5.5 million – more than any other environmental risk.

Lagos, Nigeria is Africa’s fastest growing metropolis and signs of its vibrant economy and exponential growth are everywhere. But with 21 million people, Lagos is suffering from its own escalating pollution: traffic is increasing, emissions are not regulated, people are getting sick and health care costs are increasingly high.

The importance of public health is evident in these urban areas, to help prevent the threat of disease affecting vulnerable members of society.

Making positive changes with a public health degree

A number of students and alumni of the University of Liverpool online Master of Public Health are working on making positive changes in the field of public health through their studies.

Anna Ameda is a current online MPH student who is proposing to tackle healthcare waste management (HCW) to prevent disease and infection in Uganda:

“Healthcare waste management (HCWM) is a major challenge because most of the waste that is generated in health facilities and laboratories is disposed of using open burning and burying.

Incomplete burning of the waste leads to the emission of poisonous and harmful gases into the atmosphere, exposing patients to harmful fumes. And burying waste exposes the community to needle pricks which lead to infections.”

Anna plans to use what she learns on the online MPH programme to gain an understanding for the reasons behind poor healthcare waste management and to be part of the solution to current public health problems.

Informing policy and practice

Another way our students make a difference is sharing their knowledge with policy-makers to help improve quality of life.

Dr Ugochi Ohajuruka is a medical doctor from Nigeria who started her NGO, HAFAI, after graduating from the University of Liverpool online MPH. She speaks about public health at conferences all over the world and was recently invited to speak at a UN conference in New York:

“I was invited by the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) to participate at this year’s conference. It gave me an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and organisations including major stakeholders and policy-makers.”

The University of Liverpool online Master of Public Health

The Master of Public Health online degree at the University of Liverpool is one of the longest running online MPH degree programmes in the world, helping public health professionals to make a difference in their communities for almost 10 years.

It is intended for experienced professionals who are passionate about driving change in their community and their country, based on the latest understanding and advances in the public health field.

The APHEA-accredited online MPH degree from the University of Liverpool allows graduates to change their world – enabling them to make an immediate impact on their neighbourhoods, their cities, and the countries where they live.

A degree built on collaboration and research

The University of Liverpool MPH never stands still – the programme is research-led and always innovates based on continuous world changes.

The University of Liverpool online MPH is designed to be one of the most collaborative programmes of its kind. The design of the programme allows students to discuss and share their experiences together with fellow students based all over the world.

“Sharing a classroom with people from all over the world was one of the most amazing things about studying online. I learnt so much through my classmates. People were always very keen to have discussions so the whole process felt very integrated,” says Anne-Sophie Gérin, online MPH graduate, health specialist and midwife living in Belgium.

If you want to make a difference to public health not only in your community but around the world view the University of Liverpool online health programmes to start your online journey.

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