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An online Master of Public Health (MPH) degree can give you the skills you need to progress in your public health practice and make a significant contribution to the health of your community.

Developing your fundamental research, negotiation and analysis skills will make you a better, more rounded public health professional.

The role of a public health professional

Many MPH online students come from careers in the front line of public services. As health professionals they want to tackle the root causes of the problems they see every day.

Dr Francine Watkins, – Director of MPH programmes at the University of Liverpool – puts it like this. “Doctors are the ones pulling people out of the river, public health professionals stop people falling in the river in the first place. They want to look at why people get ill and stop that from happening”.

As a public health professional you are able to directly influence the policies and strategies that affect your community's health. You're able to help people on a large scale to make the best of their health and well-being, and to help address the things that threaten that.

How can public health professionals stay up to date?

In public health there are always new issues, problems and external challenges. These challenges come not just from new medical conditions, but also from a constantly shifting political and funding landscape.

A public health professional needs to know how to prioritise and how to negotiate these challenges to protect the health of their community.

As a public health professional you must:

  • Advance your research skills and fully understand the community you work with.
  • Develop your ability to interpret evidence and data. If you’re devising a strategy or policy based on evidence you need to fully understand it.
  • Make your policies and strategies engaging for your audience, or you won’t get buy-in. Think about how you’ll implement your policies in the communities you work in.

Online Master of Public Health students work in diverse communities across the world, but the fundamental core competencies of understanding data and carrying out research are common across the public health field.

How can the online Master of Public Health programme help?

The University of Liverpool has a distinguished history in public health research – the UK’s first city director of public health was based in Liverpool, and we were one of the first institutions to recognise the importance of public health in dealing with long-term illness.

We have a particular focus on inequalities in health, and the MPH programme looks specifically at ways to tackle those issues in a variety of communities.

The University of Liverpool’s programme is not just about gaining a degree. We believe that an important part of the MPH online programme is about gaining the skills and knowledge that set you apart from the people you're working with, enable you to progress, and make you a better, more rounded public health professional.

One of the great strengths of the online MPH programme is the opportunity to study and work at the same time, so that on a day-to-day basis you can apply what you learn immediately and see real changes.

We want our students to develop and to become leaders and managers, taking forward the knowledge they're gaining into the communities they work with.

As a result we see many of our graduates move into higher-level positions and teams where they're making a significant contribution.

Our high-calibre faculty are based all over the world, and much like our students, are actively engaged in public health research. The benefit of having international staff and students is that everyone has their own cultural viewpoint. The situations are different but the challenges are often the same.

Public health: one degree, many career paths

By earning your degree and keeping up to date with the latest research you are opening yourself up to a wealth of career paths and opportunities, including:

  • Global health: Refugee Coordinator, HIV/AIDS Educator
  • Environmental health: Environmental Scientist, Environmental Engineer
  • Health policy: Health Services Manager, Government Policy Analyst.
  • Health promotion: Health Education Specialist, PR Manager.
  • Maternal and child health: Midwife Nurse, Nutrition Specialist.
  • Social and behavioral: Social Worker, Psychologist, and Psychiatric Nurse.
  • Minority health and health disparities: Public Health Nurse, Research Analyst.

Individuals with a masters degree in public health are often eligible to fill jobs like these.

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