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Online MSc in Cyber Security

Gain advanced knowledge to protect organisations against cyber security risks

The University of Liverpool Online MSc in Cyber Security offers you the opportunity to gain a comprehensive and critical understanding of the theory and techniques of contemporary cyber security, and how to apply these in response to real-world business problems.

This BCS-accredited1 master’s is a specialist qualification in one of the most essential and in-demand areas of IT, combining advanced aspects of security, its practical application, and the implications of security within a business.

Cutting edge approach

Cutting-edge approach

Study 100% online from anywhere in the world and interact with like-minded IT professionals around the world through our innovative, cloud-based server platform, without giving up your job. You can showcase your skills and understanding of big data analytics by completing practical assignments and developing a Professional Portfolio of Evidence.

You will have the opportunity to share insights regularly with fellow students and online instructors as you collaborate on projects, exchange experiences and discuss best practice from across different IT/IS environments globally through discussion forums, seminars, case studies and assignments.

BCS accreditation


This degree has been accredited by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. Accreditation is a mark of assurance that the degree meets the standards set by BCS. An accredited degree entitles you to professional membership of BCS, which is an important part of the criteria for achieving Chartered IT Professional (CITP) status through the Institute. Some employers recruit preferentially from accredited degrees, and an accredited degree is likely to be recognised by other countries that are signatories to international accords.

“I would recommend the University of Liverpool Online because of the way the course is structured, the flexibility it offers and the balance between technical and managerial aspects in the content.”

Matthew Sammut (UK)
Online MSc in Software Engineering graduate

Matthew Sammut
Cyber Security

Gain the expertise to develop strategies for cyber security

As organisations become increasingly concerned about their vulnerability to cyber attacks, you can put yourself in a position to flourish by deepening your knowledge of the theories and strategies that underpin cyber security.

You will also have the chance to:

  • Acquire cutting-edge skills to drive effective cybercrime prevention and protection solutions, as well as conduct investigations into suspected cyber-attacks
  • Gain strong skills allowing you to assess security risks and implement the most effective and cutting-edge solutions
  • Tackle the challenges of assessing and managing security risks in the modern workplace
  • Deploy your skills and knowledge in real-world scenarios, using our unique server platform
  • Design plans and strategies for security, dependability, risk and assurance that can be presented to higher management and are built on a solid understanding of technical and business systems and processes
  • Consider the laws and regulations around security risk management, as well as the concepts, methods, approaches and processes used to tackle security risk management
  • Develop a Professional Portfolio of Evidence demonstrating your solution-oriented mindset and practical skills in cyber security

Why choose this Online MSc in Cyber Security?

  1. Real life experience in the class – use our unique server platform to become confident in the practical application of the latest tools
  2. High-level insight – enhance your ability to research, design and implement creative cyber security solutions to address business problems
  3. Hands-on skills – experiment with security techniques, cryptographic algorithms, cyber forensics and build an ethical hacking environment
  4. Career relevance – reinforcing your ability to deliver meaningful insights to organisations struggling to adapt to contemporary cyber challenges 
  5. Engaging access to global experts – study with real-world case studies and prepare for the challenges you could face in your job
  6. Global connections – develop new insights from interacting with international peers
  7. 100% online study – continue in your career and immediately use the knowledge gained from studying for your master’s degree
  8. Career advice and mentoring opportunities – accessed through our specialist platform, connecting you with professionals all over the world

“The programme benefited my career because of how I was able to put everything I’ve learned into practice.”

Uthman Yusuf (Nigeria)
Computer Science graduate (2015)

Uthman Yusuf

Your return on investment (ROI)

The University of Liverpool Online MSc in Cyber Security is designed to give you the opportunity to:

  1. Develop skills and strategies for assessing and managing security risks in modern business environments
  2. Design plans and strategies for security, dependability, risk and assurance that can be presented to higher management and are built on a solid understanding of technical and business systems and processes
  3. Equip yourself with high-level skills across a wide range of complex cyber security issues
  4. Advance your understanding of the theories and protocols that underpin contemporary cyber security
  5. Demonstrate your ability to develop and deploy effective solutions to real-world cyber security challenges
  6. Acquire the knowledge to conduct effective investigations into suspected cyber-attacks

A reputation for excellence

In the UK government’s most recent assessment of the quality of research in UK higher education institutions, the Research Excellence Framework 2014, 97% of the research produced by the University of Liverpool’s Department of Computer Science was rated as world-leading or internationally excellent – among the highest ratings of computer science departments in the UK. The University of Liverpool is a world-class institution and a member of the UK’s prestigious Russell Group of 24 research-led universities.

Professional Portfolio of Evidence

A cloud-based collection of your work that you can present to employers and peers to showcase your practical skills and solution-based thinking.

Cloud-based server platform

Our innovative online study environment mirrors a real-life computing work environment, allowing you to access large sets of data and different software platforms, conduct simulations, and perform practical tasks related to your programme.


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Next Start Dates

Enrol now to start your online studies on 22 November 2018.

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1 Many countries have their own accrediting bodies, and degree recognition differs from country to country. If you reside outside of the United Kingdom, please review your country of residence’s requirements to confirm recognition of your programme.