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The online MSc in Human Resource Management programme has eight core modules and culminates in a dissertation . The first module takes twelve weeks. Each subsequent module lasts eight weeks.

Core modules

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Strategic Human Resources Management (12 weeks)


To provide deep understanding and skills relating to theories, principles, historical trends and current practices relevant to human resource management strategy.


As a student, you will explore the shifting role of HR from process manager to strategic business advisor. You will develop key transferable skills relevant to roles that require the effective management of both human and knowledge capital. This module serves as an intellectual platform from which to proceed to further modules of study.

Business Leadership (8 weeks)


To review current ideas and best practices of leadership within contemporary organisations.


This module is designed to equip you with the skills necessary to cope with ambiguity, continuity and change, and to understand the relationship between leadership and teams. As a student, you will explore historical and contemporary models of leadership, and examine the relationship between the individual and the group. You will increase your understanding of the responsibilities and privileges of leadership and will apply leadership theory to real-life situations.

Managing Financial Resources (8 weeks)


To review the role accounting and finance play in supporting managers and organisational leaders.


Through this module you will explore the basic frameworks for financial accounting, managerial accounting and corporate finance. You’ll gain an understanding of how information provided by accounting is disseminated, and then used to support overall management and organisational goals. You’ll also learn to critically evaluate the ethical and moral dimensions of strategic financial decision making.

Talent Development (8 weeks)


To provide an overview of contemporary approaches to successful talent development within an organisation.


The aim of this module is to deliver the knowledge and understanding required to diagnose, analyse and develop talent development strategies intended to enhance both capability and performance within an organisation. You will explore what factors contribute to employee retention, and learn how to lead the implementation of development initiatives within your organisation.

Performance Management (8 weeks)


To examine the concept and evaluation of performance in public services and private industry.


The Performance Management module will provide you with an understanding of progressive people management issues with particular focus on reward management. You will use case studies and real-life experiences to examine engagement, commitment, capability and compensation. You will also develop a theoretical and applied understanding of concepts of value within the workplace.

Developing Human Resource Policy (8 weeks)


To explore the challenges surrounding HR management within contemporary organisations.


Prepare for the challenge of managing human and knowledge capital within contemporary organisations. Evaluate various human resource management policies in relation to progressive oganisational strategy, and learn to critically reflect upon a range of contemporary organisational and social trends which impact upon the development of human resource management policy.

Organisational Design and Change (8 weeks)


To foster a strategic approach to change, through evaluating the role HR management plays in facilitating, leading and managing organisational change.


Organisational Design and Change considers the role management plays in addressing the challenges posed by uncertain, complex and dynamic business environments. You will explore the evolving requirements of organisational design, and the need to adopt a strategic approach to change through appropriate leadership, and a clear understanding of both resistance to change and learning for personal and team development.

Research Methods (8 weeks)


To provide students with appropriate knowledge and skills to support their research in their subsequent Dissertation.


This module aims to consolidate your knowledge of independent research techniques in management. Designed to enhance your understanding of different approaches to research within the domain of management, you’ll explore the distinction between primary and secondary information and develop a critical awareness of research methods relating to both quantitative and qualitative data.


Personal Development Portfolio

To help ensure that what you learn in the classroom is successfully conveyed to your career, throughout your masters you'll keep a Personal Development Portfolio. Designed to help to log your learning, the Personal Development Portfolio is where you'll chart what you've learned, how you've applied it and the results you've achieved, allowing you to reflect on your journey.


You'll refine your dissertation topic in conjunction with a Personal Dissertation Advisor, an academic supervisor who will provide support throughout the writing process.

Please note that current scheduling may be subject to change and that we cannot guarantee that all modules will be offered in every calendar year.

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