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Online Degree MSc in Mental Health Psychology

Address mental health challenges around the world

With more than 450 million people1 around the world suffering from mental health disorders, there is a growing need for qualified professionals to help individuals and communities to address mental health issues. The University of Liverpool’s online MSc in Mental Health Psychology aims to equip you with specialist skills to respond to this demand.

Designed for individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in a subject other than psychology, this master’s allows you to learn techniques for both recognising and managing mental health disorders in professional, personal and social environments around the world. This solution-based programme provides a solid foundation on which to enhance your existing career or to pursue a new role in a variety of sectors, from health to education and training.2

Next start date
22 November 2018
(Duration: approx. 20 months’ study + 9 month dissertation)
Mode of delivery
100% online
Professional Development
Build an e-portfolio and benefit from career support from the Global Career Advisor Network
The School of Psychology has a long history dating back to Nobel Laureate Sir Charles Sherrington.
Gain research expertise

Research skills to understand human behaviour

Research is very important in the study and application of psychology – especially in mental health psychology that deals with individuals and the recognition of patterns in behaviour. Empirical studies and research can help you prove a theory or lead you toward a new conclusion that may not have been initially obvious. As a student on this programme, you will have the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills required for conducting empirical studies and data collection – with the ability to apply these concepts in a wide range of professional roles and settings.2


Globally-applicable mental health curriculum

Learning in our interactive classroom, you can expect to increase your cultural sensitivity through this programme’s international approach to learning. You’ll collaborate with peers from around the world, learning strategies to reduce mental health problems, and gaining first-hand insights into mental health issues, approaches, counselling and prevention techniques used around the world. Through this knowledge sharing, you’ll have the opportunity to gain experience of concepts you may have otherwise only learned from books.

Our online mental health psychology students




no formal psychology background


Area of employment

education 30%; social services 15%; governmental 15%; psychology 10%; health/medicine 15%


Length of employment


under 10 years

ROI icon

Your return on investment (ROI)

The University of Liverpool online MSc in Mental Health Psychology is designed to give you the opportunity to:

  • Acquire in-depth knowledge about mental health psychology enabling you to recognise specific mental health disorders and aid in the prevention and management of these in a range of sectors
  • Develop practical knowledge of counselling techniques and learn how to use these approaches in a variety of complex and multicultural settings2
  • Gain in-depth understanding of the important role therapy plays in the treatment and prevention of mental health illness and the ability to provide guidance on how to access specific treatments
  • Equip yourself with the skills to carry out empirical studies involving a variety of methods of data collection, including observation, questionnaires, interviews and field studies.
Why choose the University of Liverpool Online

Why choose the University of Liverpool Online MSc in Mental Health Psychology?

  • Understand the techniques for researching, assessing and treating mental health problems in professional, personal and social environments around the world
  • Acquire both qualitative and quantitative research skills and learn to apply them in a range of contexts locally and globally
  • Develop a core understanding of psychological issues in relation to mental health and wellbeing in societies worldwide to advance professionally, or to take a first step in preparation for a counselling career or doctoral research (PhD, PsyD)2
  • Earn an MSc in Mental Health Psychology from a globally respected university - even if you don’t have an undergraduate degree in psychology
  • Connect with fellow professionals and psychology students from other disciplines, engaging in an online environment that will help keep you motivated and on track to succeed
  • Study 100% online from wherever you are without interrupting your career - learning in an engaging online environment that will help keep you motivated and on track to succeed.


“As soon as my dissertation was submitted, I was hired by a leading
university, as an assistant to a lead researcher at the centre for
person-centred care.”

MSc in Mental Health Psychology graduate

Advance your current career or transition
towards research

Giving you an opportunity to pursue a career in research or enhance your prospects in your current role, the MSc in Mental Health Psychology provides you with expertise in mental health psychology that you can apply to a variety of roles, including:

  • Researcher 
  • Teacher
  • Nurse or health worker
  • Victims or refugee worker
  • Social worker
  • Performance coach
  • School counsellor
  • Behavioural analyst

A reputation for excellence


Research excellence

The University ranks in the UK’s top 15 (out of 81 universities) for impact of case studies in Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience, with 80% of the University’s case studies in these areas rating as outstanding in terms of their reach and significance in the UK’s Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014).



The University’s long history in Psychology goes back to Nobel Laureate Sir Charles Sherrington who was Professor of Physiology from 1895 to 1913. The University of Liverpool is one of the top 1% of universities worldwide3 and is a member of the prestigious Russell Group of 24 research-led UK universities.

Global Career Advisor Network

As an online postgraduate student with the University of Liverpool you’ll gain access to a Global Career Advisor Network that puts you in touch with global professionals and industry insiders. Advisors can provide you with invaluable insights to help you to move ahead professionally, redirect your career or start a new business venture. In addition to these advisory and coaching services, you’ll also have the opportunity to gain insight into different industries through a series of specialised webinars.

Learn more about the Global Career Advisor Network.

Portfolio of Evidence

Showcase your skills, knowledge and expertise obtained throughout your psychology programme by building an e-portfolio of your work and research. Using the online platform Pathbrite, your portfolio of work can be presented to employers to demonstrate your practical understanding and use of psychology, or can be used to represent your area of expertise if pursuing further study.

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1 World Health Organization, 2013

2The University of Liverpool Online Programmes does not offer programmes that lead to professional licensure. Our MSc Psychology programme of study is accredited by the British Psychological Society. Some career options may require additional experience, training or other factors beyond successful completion of the above-mentioned online degree programme.

3As listed in the International Handbook of Universities, published by the International Association of Universities (2014).