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Online Degree MSc in Organisational and Business Psychology

Inspire performance in people and organisations

Gain expert skills that can help you to open up a range of exciting career opportunities as you learn how to champion organisational success through a motivated, engaged workforce. The University of Liverpool’s online MSc in Organisational and Business Psychology offers you an opportunity to gain internationally relevant techniques to influence employee well-being, staff retention and human behaviour.

You’ll explore the science of leading, coaching and motivating people – developing highly-relevant skills to thrive in a variety of roles and sectors, while at the same time driving positive change. Learn how to consult organisations to foster greater employee engagement and retention by understanding that staff satisfaction is just as important to a business as profits.

Next start date
22 November 2018
(Duration: approx. 20 months’ study + 9 month dissertation)
Mode of delivery
100% online
Professional Development
Build an e-portfolio and benefit from career support from the Global Career Advisor Network
The School of Psychology has a long history dating back to Nobel Laureate Sir Charles Sherrington.
Staff engagement

Transformational skills for staff engagement

You can expect to gain practical experience in organisational leadership, change management, coaching and talent management with specialised modules in evidence-based coaching, leadership psychology and organisational development. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or working in a relevant field, such as HR, change management or learning and development – by the time you graduate, you will be armed with an advanced set of transferable psychology-based skills that can deliver real results in your workplace or personal life.


Globally relevant business psychology skills

Collaborating in our interactive classroom, you’ll have an opportunity to develop cultural insights and expert people skills that you can apply anywhere in the world. You’ll share learning and findings with international peers and faculty from a range of professional backgrounds, gaining a global view on organisational psychology and its practical application in different organisations around the world.

Our online organisational and business psychology students




no formal psychology background


Area of employment

banking and finance 10%; technology 10%; consulting and management services 15%; aviation 10%; oil&gas 15%


Length of employment


under 10 years

ROI icon

Your return on investment (ROI)

The University of Liverpool online MSc in Organisational and Business Psychology is designed to give you the opportunity to:

  • Acquire a deep and critical understanding of the cross-cultural differences in leadership and organisational development, including the ability to adapt your own performance to different contexts and cultures
  • Get hands-on experience using a variety of consultation skills and techniques to champion business improvement, employee engagement and retention
  • Equip yourself with in-depth knowledge of the core theoretical psychology approaches to leadership and organisational development
  • Develop the ability to critically integrate theory into professional practice to thrive in a variety of sectors in leadership or organisational development
Why choose the University of Liverpool Online

Why choose the University of Liverpool Online MSc in Organisational and Business Psychology?

  1. Learn to apply psychology techniques in the workplace and start making a difference from day one, improving organisational and business strategy and performance, and strengthening employee well-being
  2. Acquire the knowledge, skills and cultural sensitivity to apply psychology as a tool for organisational success and individual well-being in workplaces across the globe
  3. Develop qualitative and quantitative research skills and learn to apply them in a range of contexts
  4. Gain advanced knowledge in the latest thinking in organisational leadership, evidence-based coaching, talent management and organisational change to use professionally, to prepare for a counselling career or doctoral research (PhD, PsyD)1
  5. Earn a recognised masters degree in Organisational and Business Psychology from a globally respected university with a long history in psychology – even if you don’t have an undergraduate degree in psychology
  6. Benefit from the balanced input of both practitioners and academics, gaining both transferable strategic skills for your career and expert research skills for further education at doctoral level
  7. Study 100% online from wherever you are without interrupting your career – learning in an engaging online environment that will help keep you motivated and on track to succeed.

“I really got a deep insight into psychology, and especially organisational psychology, which I will use for my future career.”

Wiebke Moellering
MSc in Organisational and Business Psychology graduate

Wiebke Moellering

Transferable skills for a variety of careers

Whether you’re aiming to move into a new area of management or to make a greater strategic impact in your current position – the MSc in Organisational and Business Psychology programme is relevant for roles such as:

  • Employee retention consultant or manager
  • Organisational consultant
  • Business owner
  • HR manager or director
  • Recruitment or training specialist
  • Learning or development manager
  • Talent consultant or development manager
  • Professional development coach

A reputation for excellence


Research excellence

The University ranks in the UK’s top 15 (out of 81 universities) for impact of case studies in Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience, with 80% of the University’s case studies in these areas rating as outstanding in terms of their reach and significance in the UK’s Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014).



The University’s long history in Psychology goes back to Nobel Laureate Sir Charles Sherrington who was Professor of Physiology from 1895 to 1913. The University of Liverpool is one of the top 1% of universities worldwide2 and is a member of the prestigious Russell Group of 24 research-led UK universities.

Global Career Advisor Network

As an online postgraduate student with the University of Liverpool you’ll gain access to a Global Career Advisor Network that puts you in touch with global professionals and industry insiders. Advisors can provide you with invaluable insights to help you to move ahead professionally, redirect your career or start a new business venture. In addition to these advisory and coaching services, you’ll also have the opportunity to gain insight into different industries through a series of specialised webinars.

Learn more about the Global Career Advisor Network.

Portfolio of Evidence

Showcase your skills, knowledge and expertise obtained throughout your psychology programme by building an e-portfolio of your work and research. Using the online platform Pathbrite, your portfolio of work can be presented to employers to demonstrate your practical understanding and use of psychology, or can be used to represent your area of expertise if pursuing further study.

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Interrogations - why respect gets results

University of Liverpool Podcast
Prof Laurence Alison is Director of the Centre for Critical and Major Incident Psychology at the University of Liverpool - he is an expert in interrogation techniques and says, empathy, respect and careful listening are powerful tools in the hands of the most effective negotiators. He says a softer approach to interrogations often achieves harder results.

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Help! Is my child a psychopath?

University of Liverpool Podcast
Psychopathy is widely seen as difficult, if not impossible to treat - and the prognosis for people with psychopathic traits is deeply troubling. Dr Luna Centifanti, a Senior Lecturer in Developmental Psychology at the University of Liverpool, says researchers are zeroing in on the unique traits associated with psychopathy and this greater understanding is opening the door for more targeted therapies.

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1The University of Liverpool Online Programmes does not offer programmes that lead to professional licensure. Our MSc Psychology programme of study is accredited by the British Psychological Society. Some career options may require additional experience, training or other factors beyond successful completion of the above-mentioned online degree programme.

2As listed in the International Handbook of Universities, published by the International Association of Universities (2014).