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Online Degree MSc in Organisational and Business Psychology

Limited Time - Grants available

We know that studying online could help shape your life and career. It’s an opportunity we want more people to enjoy.

So, what’s stopping you?
Limited tuition grants available for the 22 November start date. Apply now to meet the application deadline.


Regular tuition fee*


Reduced tuition fee*

(After grant)


Your tuition costs include free access to the Global Career Advisor Network.

*The tuition fee above is an estimated cost and does not include the application and technology fee, VAT (BTW), and course material where applicable. The estimated tuition fee in based on the pay-as-you-go payment plan and could be LOWER if you choose an alternative payment plan. Please contact an enrolment advisor for tuition reduction eligibility terms and conditions. Payment for the programme is due before start of the first academic module. Tuition costs and fees are subject to change.

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Multiple payment plan options available

Pay as you go

Pay per module as you progress through your degree

Monthly plan

Fixed monthly amounts make it easy to budget (masters programmes only)


3 instalments reduces the total cost of your tuition

Pay in full

Best possible savings!

To find out more about our payment options, please fill out the contact form or call one of our experienced Enrolment Advisors.

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Funding options to help reduce your total tuition costs

Alumni Discounts
Alumni Discounts

Alumni of the University of Liverpool are eligible for 20% in tuition fee savings on all doctoral and masters programmes.

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Funding Sources
Funding Sources

Lower your tuition costs through available loans and grants. Click to learn about what funding sources are offered in your country.

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Sallie Mae Smart Option

Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan is a flexible way to fund your education. For each new loan, students can choose the pricing and repayment option that best fits their needs to cover up to 100% of their education expenses.

Want to know which funding options are available in your country? Please fill out the contact form or call one of our experienced Enrolment Advisors. Contact us

Employer Sponsorship
Employer Sponsorship

Discuss your programme with your employer and explore the options available to support your studies.

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