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Online Specialised Postgraduate Awards and Certificates in Computer Science

For working professionals who seek to advance their knowledge and skills with approximately 6-12 months of study, the University of Liverpool offers concise postgraduate award and certificate programmes. Students interact across a cloud-based server platform that mirrors a real-world IT work environment.

Specialised Postgraduate Awards

Requiring approximately six months of study, the specialised postgraduate awards (PGA) are stand-alone programmes designed specifically for working professionals already working within technology.

Using our innovative and powerful cloud environment, these academic awards are an opportunity to gain in-depth, practical skills in the most current areas of technology making the programmes ideal for technology professionals looking to update their knowledge or refresh their existing expertise.

Choose from the following PGA programmes:

Specialised Postgraduate Certificates

Requiring approximately one year of study, the specialised postgraduate certificates (PGCert) are stand-alone programmes designed specifically for technology managers, aspiring leader and business owners already working within technology. With the opportunity to build an enviable professional e-portfolio of work, the programmes offer a unique opportunity to gain new skills for specialised professional development, career progression opportunities and to refresh existing knowledge.

Choose from the following specialised PGCert programmes: