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Online Postgraduate Award in Leadership and Organisational Development

Lead organisations through change and transition

This specialised short programme focuses on the psychology of leadership and considers the most effective approaches to organisational change. You can expect to gain an in-depth understanding of the way change affects organisations and employees, and examine the role of power, politics and control in organisations.

Develop advanced skills to critically analyse your own leadership style and to help you solve real-world organisational problems within your workplace. If you’re a manager or coach, this programme can provide you with practical leadership and organisation skills to influence effective change and empowerment in your organisation to build a positive and healthy work environment.

Motivate a multicultural workforce

Learning you can apply

The programme is designed to give you practical knowledge and experience to:

  • Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the theoretical approaches to leadership and organisational development
  • Critically integrate theory into professional practice to lead in specialised and cross-cultural settings, identifying bias and best practice
  • Display awareness of the ethical concerns and challenges in leadership and organisational development
  • Identify cultural differences in leadership and organisational development, and adapt your own performance to function within diverse contexts and cultures

Gain the skills to drive organisational development and change

Build your professional knowledge

After successful completion of the programme, you should be able to:

  • Use the Quintax personality profile to identify an individual’s leadership style and their approaches to innovation and teamwork
  • Promote optimal performance through effective leadership within organisations
  • Identify leadership development objectives and establish a personal leadership development action plan
  • Use reflective practical skills and apply them to academic and career progression
  • Identify organisational practices that could be improved, assessing their suitability for their intended purpose and context
  • Conduct an organisational analysis to identify problems, develop an action plan and explore different methods of communicating change
  • Lead change and innovation in a variety of organisational settings
  • Embrace individual and cultural diversity to build stronger and more effective teams

* The 2014 Research Excellence Framework rated 80% of the University’s research in Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience as world-leading or internationally excellent

The University of Liverpool Online Programmes does not offer programmes that lead to professional licensure. Our MSc Psychology programme of study is accredited by the British Psychological Society. Some career options may require additional experience, training or other factors beyond successful completion of the above-mentioned online degree programme.

Quintax Leadership Assessment Tool

Understand your leadership style and determine how you can impact organisations and people most effectively

Build an e‑portfolio

of your work and research, to showcase your practical skills and theoretical knowledge

Study 100% online

alongside your work, completing your studies in approximately six months

Research excellence

Gain a postgraduate award from a university that is a leader in psychology research.*

*The 2014 Research Excellence Framework rated 80% of the University’s research in Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience as world-leading or internationally excellent.