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Postgraduate Certificate in Corporate Finance


The online PGCert in Corporate Finance has four core modules. The first module takes 12 weeks. Each subsequent module lasts eight weeks.

Core modules

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Corporate Finance I (10 weeks)


Establish a firm foundation for learning in the area of basic professional practices and concepts in the corporate finance profession.


You will be introduced to disciplines such as valuation, cost of capital, project/programme valuation and the time value of money. This includes the analysis of financial statements and the benchmarking of company operations; how to value investment projects; how to determine the cost of capital; how to determine the market value of an organisation using market-based ratios; discounting techniques.

Corporate Finance II (8 weeks)


To build on the knowledge and techniques learned in Corporate Finance I.


This module expands the knowledge and expertise demanded of corporate finance professionals. Subjects covered include: establishing a risk-return adjusted balance sheet through capital structure management; issuing securities such as equity and debt instruments to finance strategies; use of advanced risk mitigation strategies; planning and executing merger and acquisition strategies.

International Corporate Finance (8 weeks)


To deliver an understanding of the organisational structure of international finance from a corporate perspective.


You will study a wide variety of related subjects: international trade policy; payment methods; how foreign exchange impacts on an organisation; transfer pricing; sources and use of global funds. You will also gain a practical understanding of how trends in the balance of trade and balance of payments, and the global demand for commodities, affect organisations linked by the global economy.

Financial Analysis and Valuation (8 weeks)


To deliver an advanced overview of the concepts, theories and practices of business valuation.


This module will develop your ability to successfully engage in this important aspect of the business world. You will be exposed to various valuation approaches: company information gathering methods; economic and industry analysis; and financial statement analysis. You will learn how to determine credit worthiness and predict financial distress, and you will integrate value, strategy and economic climate to determine the appropriateness of merger and acquisition strategies.

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