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Postgraduate Certificate in Cyber Security


The online PGCert in Cyber Security has four core modules. The first module takes 10 weeks, each subsequent module lasts eight weeks.

  • The Global Technology Environment
  • Security Engineering and Compliance
  • Applied Cryptography
  • Cyber Crime Prevention and Protection

Core modules

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The Global Technology Environment (10 weeks)

To lay the foundation for successful study, and provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts associated with the computing environment.

Start your personal and professional journey with this on-boarding module for the MSc in Cyber Security programme, where you will be introduced to the online learning environment. The module provides a critical "state-of the-art" review of the domain of information technology (IT). It is designed to offer a wide-ranging understanding on topics such as software engineering, cyber security and big data analytics.

By completing the module, you will have a comprehensive global view of the current IT landscape in the context of both commercial and non-commercial enterprises. The module blends both theory and practice, so that a solid foundation is provided for future study.

Curriculum insights

  • Key concepts in the IT industry
  • Enterprise-oriented software and systems enterprise development
  • Data management and big data analytics
  • Cyber security and risk management
  • Current and emerging IT trends
  • Global characteristics of IT

Security Engineering and Compliance (8 weeks)

To provide students with an in-depth understanding of information security concepts and models.

This module provides an insight into information security principles, security policy models/protocols, industry standards for security compliance, and risk assessment. You will acquire a critical understanding of how to use information security techniques to solve practical security problems.

You will also have the opportunity to gain skills for designing/implementing security infrastructure and writing security/incident response polices. Practical, extensive, hands-on project work is designed to ensure you are ready to apply in the workplace the knowledge gained in the module.

Curriculum insights

  • Threats to, vulnerabilities of, and attacks on IT systems
  • Security compliance and industry standards
  • Information security models
  • Protocols for solving security problems
  • Risk assessments
  • Security infrastructures
  • Security/incident response policies
  • Penetration testing

Applied Cryptography (8 weeks)

To provide students with an insight into cryptographic algorithms and protocols.

By completing this module, you will acquire a critical understanding of how to use cryptographic algorithms and protocols to solve practical security problems (such as confidentiality, integrity and authenticity). The module also allows you to acquire a systematic understanding of open-source tools to build secure applications, and how best to apply such tools.

Curriculum insights

  • Symmetric key encryption algorithms
  • Hash function algorithms
  • Public key cryptography algorithms
  • Key agreement protocols
  • Current industrial standards for cryptography
  • Quantum computing techniques
  • Open-source cryptographic techniques

Cyber Crime Prevention and Protection (8 weeks)

To provide students with a deep understanding of the mechanisms and techniques that can be used to prevent, or at least mitigate, cybercrime.

This module considers the motivations for cybercrime, as well as providing a comprehensive understanding of the tools that can be used to prevent it – including the deployment of cybercrime prevention strategies.

You will have the opportunity to build an ‘ethical hacking’ environment with which you can experiment. In addition, the module aims to provide you with a hands-on knowledge of cybercrime prevention for application in the workplace.

Curriculum insights

  • Understanding the information security management landscape
  • The potential of cybercrime (through ethical hacking)
  • Tools and techniques for cybercrime prevention
  • Cybercrime prevention in commercial and non-commercial settings

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