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Postgraduate Certificate in International Accounting and Finance


The online PGCert in International Accounting and Finance has four core modules. The first module takes 12 weeks. Each subsequent module lasts eight weeks.

Core modules

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International Financial Reporting and Analysis (8 weeks)


Introduce the framework, concepts and practices associated with international financial reporting.


This module provides the necessary understanding of financial reporting statements and financial statement analysis to facilitate a grounded understanding of corporate valuation. Particular attention will be paid to IFRS reporting standards and analysis. Other topics such as foreign exchange, cash accounting, ratio analysis and trend analysis are introduced, prior to being developed in later modules.

Strategic Managerial Accounting and Performance Management (8 weeks)


To explore the use of management accounting and accounting systems to link strategic leadership, resource management, and organisational performance.


In this module, you will develop an ability to manage resources, create and sustain value, and develop a system of organisational score and goal-keeping tools. Your ability to integrate these skills with accounting systems will enable your organisation to make performance-based decisions. You will be able to ascertain, measure, and revise strategic goals associated with performance and develop a performance metrics system that will measure performance against the overall organisational strategic goals. You will also explore the ethical and moral dimensions of strategic financial decision-making.

Assurance and Management Control (8 weeks)


To dissect how management controls the entity and relationships with external partners to enhance organisational value.


This module investigates the roles of audit and assurance in management control, and promotes organisational compliance with a focus on internal controls, risk management procedures, assurance and management information. The concept of due diligence, including the acquisition and the monitoring of activities of business partners, is also analysed at both the national and international levels. You will appreciate the nature and roles of assurance engagements and internal audits, and develop an understanding of risk management and risk reporting in a global context.

Strategic Financial Management (8 weeks)


To examine and integrate into practice a blend of global financial management strategies and case-based applications.


Through intense case study analysis, this module focuses on topics that range from the acquisition, deployment and management of international financial resources, to financial planning and analysis. You will learn how to devise strategies for identifying and developing international financial resources, and to effectively communicate these strategies with organisational team members, partners and governments. You will also become adept at analysing an organisation for re-organisation and restructuring from a strategic perspective.

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