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Postgraduate Certificate in Marketing


The online PGCert in Marketing has three core modules and one elective module. The first module takes 12 weeks. Each subsequent module lasts eight weeks.

Core modules

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Strategic Marketing Management (12 weeks)


To provide an overview of the strategic role marketing plays in overall corporate strategy.


This module explores the function marketing plays within the modern organisation. You will assess how marketing strategically connects with other business functions, studying contemporary theory along with alternative philosophies surrounding marketing’s role in corporate strategy. You will also study academic writing and referencing skills designed to help you achieve the most from your masters as you move through each module.

Business Leadership (8 weeks)


To review current ideas and best practices of leadership within contemporary organisations.


This module is designed to equip you with the skills necessary to cope with ambiguity, continuity and change, and to understand the relationship between leadership and teams. As a student, you will explore historical and contemporary models of leadership, and examine the relationship between the individual and the group. You will increase your understanding of the responsibilities and privileges of leadership and will apply leadership theory to real-life situations.

Managing Financial Resources (8 weeks)


To review the role accounting and finance play in supporting managers and organisational leaders.


Through this module you will explore the basic frameworks for financial accounting, managerial accounting and corporate finance. You’ll gain an understanding of how information provided by accounting is disseminated, and then used to support overall management and organisational goals. You’ll also learn to critically evaluate the ethical and moral dimensions of strategic financial decision making.

Elective modules

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This programme allows you to choose 1 elective

Data-Driven Marketing Research and Analysis (8 weeks)


To foster an understanding of the contribution marketing research can make when assessing your market, customer and competitors.


The aim of this module is to develop your understanding of the need for, place of, and contribution of marketing research in supporting marketing decisions. You will gain a practical and applied understanding of developments in marketing research. You will develop your own ability to both evaluate the methodologies used in market research and to choose the most appropriate form of research for each project requirement.

Contemporary Consumer and Customer Behaviour (8 weeks)


To demonstrate the importance of consumer behaviour and to provide skills, understanding and a critical perspective on this key marketing field.


Understanding how your customers and consumers behave is one of the fundamental issues surrounding marketing. This module has been designed to equip you with an advanced understanding of this key discipline. You will learn how external influencers affect consumer behaviour, gain a critical perspective on the importance of consumer research and complete the module understanding how consumer behaviour can be used to develop a successful marketing strategy.

Integrated Marketing Communications (8 weeks)


To provide theoretical and conceptual of surrounding issues in contemporary marketing communications.


During this module you will study the ways in which various elements of contemporary marketing communications can be integrated in a wider strategy. You will examine current trends in marketing communications. You will also consider the theoretical and conceptual issues relating to the academic debate on the production and consumption of advertising and marketing communications.

Managing Marketing in a Changing World (8 weeks)


To further develop knowledge of marketing through disseminating work in other modules to provoke critical thinking.


This module provides an opportunity for the consideration of alternative approaches to the study of marketing. Through readings and class discussions, you will examine the development of marketing thought and theory, as well as contemporary issues and critical insights. You will learn to think as an autonomous practitioner and will be encouraged to share independent thought and engage in leading-edge theory in a positive and open-minded way.

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