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Postgraduate Certificate in Public Health


The online PGCert in Public Health has four core modules. The first three modules take 12 weeks and the final module takes six weeks.

Core modules

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Practising and Promoting Public Health in a Global Context (12 weeks)


To develop critical awareness and understanding of the knowledge, application, and practice of public health in a global context.  

To evaluate the historical development of public health and critically reflect on the current legacy of that history within a global context.

To critically appraise public health theories and policies in relation to health, disease, and social inequities relevant to practice at the local, regional, national, and global levels.


This module explores the development of public health in a global context, in terms of history, politics, global disease burdens, social determinants of health and health inequalities. It also examines the theory and practice of promoting health – vital for successful public health improvement. Alongside a gradual introduction to the academic requirements of the MPH programme, you will study the fundamental concepts, issues and resources relevant to public health practice.

Generating and Evaluating Public Health Evidence (12 weeks)


To critically evaluate the epistemological and theoretical foundations of research designs in public health.

To develop the skills to identify and evaluate existing evidence to address relevant public health problems.

To critically appraise appropriate methodological approaches to public health issues.


This module explores the theoretical underpinnings of public health knowledge and will help enable students to identify and evaluate existing evidence to address relevant public health problems. As a student, you will study the importance of ethical practice and will develop the key skills needed to apply the most appropriate methodological approach for conducting research and furthering public health practice.

Integrated Public Health Research: Epidemiology and Qualitative Methods (12 weeks)


To develop a critical awareness and in-depth knowledge of  the research design process for both epidemiological and qualitative research in public health.

To critically evaluate and apply the most appropriate study designs to public health problems.


This module provides an in-depth understanding of epidemiological and qualitative research methods used in public health and considers in more detail the importance of ethics when conducting research and practice. As a student, you will study ways to apply appropriate sampling techniques, analyse research data and interpret research findings.

Leading and Managing Health Systems (6 weeks)


To enable students to develop a systematic knowledge of the political and economic and social factors which have shaped contemporary health systems.

To develop a critical understanding of the functions and processes of health management, and how health services are organized, delivered, and evaluated.


This module enables students to develop a systematic knowledge of the political, economic and social factors which have shaped contemporary health systems across the globe. It will also provide a critical understanding of the functions and processes of health management and leadership – from how health services are organised (including the financing of systems) to how change is designed and implemented.

Once you start this MPH programme, you will never be the same again.

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