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We live in rapidly changing times. Housing markets fluctuate, interest rates vary and our economies are at the mercy of political elections, globalisation and unpredictable events.

Time is precious and your days are already action-packed managing work, leisure and family commitments but is there a way to get smarter in the art of living?

Here are four ways that you can use online learning to help you secure your future, increase your knowledge and achieve more in life:

  1. Put yourself in charge of your own career
    In today’s challenging job market, working professionals are required to adapt in order to move forward. Rather than wait for the next window of opportunity to arise it is up to each individual to manage their own career progression pro-actively. This could mean:

      increasing your skills base
      formalising your knowledge with an accredited postgraduate qualification
      actively seeking a promotion
      applying for a more challenging position with a different company

    Did you know that studying online with a university allows working professionals the flexibility to enhance their knowledge and skills in their chosen field without having to take a study break from their work?

    Bryan Starling “Having got the degree, I’ve been promoted to a senior project management role and it’s led to a great opportunity for me to move to the USA.”
    Bryan Starling - MSc in Project Management graduate (2015), from the UK, living in the USA. Assistant Director of Project Management - WPP North America, Vanderlande Industries Inc.

  2. Keep your skills relevant
    Refreshing and refining your skills should be an ongoing work-in-progress, built into your own professional development plan. It is important to assess your strengths, weaknesses and areas of development and make a concerted effort to seek out educational programmes that will not only ensure that your skills are kept up to date but will give you the competitive advantage you need to succeed.

    Did you know that online students have the opportunity to transfer their knowledge from the classroom to real life by testing out theories and best practice in the workplace? The University of Liverpool adopts a highly collaborative learning model whereby students share their findings with peers, and continue to define best practice.

    Huyan Guo “I would recommend the University of Liverpool because you can learn the latest in management thinking, which can effectively improve your own management performance in today's business world.”
    Huyan Guo - MBA graduate (2015), Project Manager, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), China

  3. Get connected
    In order to advance your career you should aim to learn from industry leaders and key players. You can do this by attending conferences, reading industry magazines and newsletters, and subscribing to blogs, LinkedIn and other social media groups that will update you on developments in your field. It is important to seize networking opportunities and to nurture relationships that can prove vital, whether you are a professional on a career path or an entrepreneur seeking to establish a profitable business venture.

    Did you know that if you choose to study online you will become part of a global network of working professionals? For example, graduating from an online University of Liverpool degree programme gives you access to a community of over 200,000 alumni around the world.
  4. Invest in yourself
    Every year, several hundred online students opt to receive their degree in person, donning caps and gowns to participate in graduation ceremonies at the University of Liverpool. This is a wonderful celebration of achievement and a proud moment for all concerned.

    Studying a degree programme online is a financial commitment that does require careful consideration but did you know that in many cases you can choose a financial payment plan to suit your needs? You may also be eligible for a student loan or scholarship. Request more information and an enrolment advisor will help you to discover your options.

Taking measures today to actively improve your current situation could ensure that you are a step closer to achieving your life goals.

Successfully completing an online master’s or doctoral programme can empower you in many ways. Benefits could include:

  • Opportunities to enhance your career, change careers or follow a new passion
  • Greater financial stability or a potential increase in your earning power
  • Experience collaborating with people from around the world
  • Knowing you can reach your goals and fulfil your ambitions

Find out more about the online programmes offered by the University of Liverpool.

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