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High-quality online university courses are helping professionals advance their careers, wherever they are in the world. Here are some of the reasons why online learning could make sense for you.

You can study without interrupting your career

When you’re established or trying to become established in a career and you have financial and possibly family responsibilities, it’s not easy to take time out to do a university course. That’s one of the reasons why online university programmes offer such a big advantage for working professionals.

You can study at your own pace, and if the course you choose is 100% online you won’t have to take any breaks from the workplace - giving you peace of mind that the university course will enhance, rather than damage your career prospects.

Online learning courses work wherever you are

Studying for a campus degree involves actually being present at a university. If you choose to study elsewhere that can mean shouldering the costs of relocation, as well as the impact that moving has on your life, your career and your wider responsibilities.

Even if you live in the same city as your university you still need to factor in travel costs and requirements.

When you do college courses online, you can do them from anywhere. So if you live in a different country from your online university or if your job requires you to travel, it’s not a problem – you can still study.

You can apply your online learning straight away

Online university courses can be immensely practical and career-focused. What you learn on career-related online college courses, like MBAs, can be immediately put into practice in the workplace.

The experience you gain at work can then feed back into your learning, enriching and informing your educational experience too.

You’ll benefit from international connections

There are no geographical barriers with university courses online. You can choose to do a degree in any country that you like. Which means your fellow students are likely to come from all over the world - so you gain plenty of exposure to other cultures and ways of working, as well as global networking opportunities.

To make sure you benefit from this aspect of online learning, look for online university courses, like the ones offered by the University of Liverpool, that offer high levels of participation and a strong alumni network.

High-quality teaching and research is available

Online universities can offer teaching and resources of extremely high standard. If your qualification comes from a real brick-and-mortar university that offers online programmes you can guarantee the value of the teaching will be of a very high quality as it will have to meet certain standards.

Provided you choose the right institution, your online degree will be just as valid and credible as qualifications gained on campus.

Choosing online university courses

You need to choose your online university or business school with care. Look for an institution that’s accredited by recognised bodies, and find out all you can about the reputation of the online learning courses – testimonials from students can be a good place to start. Also, make sure that there’s plenty of support available to you while you study as well as when you are enrolling.

Find out what the University of Liverpool’s online programmes can offer.

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The online study was convenient for me because I was right there in my home, in my country, at my work and at the same time studying.

Hannah Onamusi (MBA) - Management - Nigeria

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