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Making a real-world difference through a Master’s in Public Health with the University of Liverpool Online

Candela Lanusse balances her MPH studies around her work as an emergency unit health advisor at Médecins San Frontières (MSF) and raising her young son. Having worked in crisis situations around the world, she hopes her studies will help her generate change for those most in need.

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Learn to respond to emergencies in a more effective way with an MPH from the University of Liverpool

Argentinian nurse, Candelaria Lanusse has worked on some of the world’s most pressing crises. During her eleven years with MSF, she has delivered meningitis vaccinations in Niger to one million people, helped to tackle the Ebola epidemic in Mali, and worked at a refugee camp in Yemen.

Although Candela had considerable first-hand experience helping to address major public health issues around the world, she felt she would benefit from deepening her academic understanding and consolidating her theoretical knowledge.

“I decided to study a masters because I had a lot of practical experience that I wanted to put together, give a meaning to, and bring to a higher level”, says Candela.

I’m a nurse and a very scientific person. I’m used to analysing things with data, which is good – but not enough. The master’s is helping me to have a more holistic view of things and take into consideration the communities we work with.

We don’t work for them, we work with them, and that’s something I’m learning to do much better now with the University of Liverpool Online. I’m learning to set up programmes better and to adapt them to emergencies, and because of my position as an advisor, I can pass on that knowledge and learning to other teams.”

Staying current through flexible online learning

For the last three years, Candela has been based in MSF’s Barcelona office. When she decided to look at her university options, Liverpool’s impressive reputation in the field of public health became apparent.

“I started investigating and was immediately assigned to an enrolment advisor. She was very personable and great at helping me go through the process of making the decision and then completing the application”, she says.

But the decision to study was not automatic, she explains, especially given her existing commitments at work and at home. “I had some doubts because the structure and the curriculum looked very demanding, but in the end that was actually the reason why I chose to study.

Candela went on to explain that, “the programme is extremely challenging and it’s difficult to reconcile family, work and studies. However, at the same time she is finding the module content really interesting. ‘It’s helping me to stay up-to-date in a lot of topics that are relevant for my work, such as malaria, HIV, TB, and many others.”

Developing health programmes with a huge, measurable impact

Today, Candela’s studies are helping her shape a new approach to her professional life dealing with medical and humanitarian emergencies around the world.

“I started the master’s because I want to apply what I’m learning in the MPH to reality, and that means being able to develop programmes and policies that make a difference and generate change.

“Because of my work in the field, I’ve seen the inequalities around the world and I would like to make a difference for those people. That’s my professional aim and that’s why I’m studying online with the University of Liverpool.”

Discover how you can make a difference to the lives of others with a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the University of Liverpool Online.