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The application has two parts: the application form, in which you outline your previous education and experience, and the motivational statement, in which you explain why you would like to study and what you are hoping to achieve.

Think of it as though you are applying for a job:

  • The application form is your CV or resume – it lists all of your previous education and experience
  • The motivational statement is your cover letter – use this to show the University why you want to study and that you have what it takes to complete an online degree programme

Below are our tips for submitting a successful application:

The Application Form

Focus on your most relevant work experience for the programme

Provide an overview of your previous experience and address any specific elements laid out in the entry requirements. Include relevant information, for example:

  • If you are applying for a technical IT programme refer to the technical know-how you already have
  • If you are applying for an online project management programme refer to the project management skills and experience you have acquired

Be specific
Job titles are rarely sufficient in themselves to describe the level of responsibility or the exact nature of the work and so you should provide specific details of your experience - e.g. if you’re applying for an MBA refer to the number of people or the size of the budget you manage.

Expressions such as “I was involved with…” and “I was a member of a team responsible for…” should be avoided as they do not adequately describe your individual responsibilities. Any applications which are based upon such statements will result in a request for more specific information to be provided, therefore leading to delays in the application process.

If you have worked for a single organization for a number of years it is recommended that each position is included in a separate entry, clearly indicating the start and end dates, as this helps to show career progression.

Just like a CV or resume, your current or most recent position should appear first, with all previous positions appearing in reverse chronological order.

If you do not have a bachelors degree and are applying on the basis of substantial experience then you must provide detailed evidence of your work experience.

The Motivational Statement

Be clear
The motivational statement is an opportunity for you to provide a clear rationale as to why the particular programme is appropriate for you, how you expect to benefit from it and how you will contribute to the online classroom and course of study. The statement should be written specifically for the programme being applied to - submission of a ‘generic’ statement will result in a request for a more specific statement to be provided and lead to delays in the application process.

It is suggested that you address the following two questions:

  • How is your work and / or academic experience relevant to the programme of study - i.e. how does it addresses the entry requirements?
  • What is your motivation to study this particular programme?

Be original
The statement should be an original piece of work written by you and may be subject to plagiarism checking. Any statements which are identified as containing text copied from other sources will result in the application either being rejected or a new, original, statement being requested from you.

Avoid quotes and clichés such as “I am a hard-working, enthusiastic, problem-solver with a passion for education” - many people write this way but it doesn’t tell us anything specifically about you. Provide examples to back up your claims and make sure every statement you make is factual and related to the particular programme.

Be concise
Your Enrolment Advisor will be able to confirm the word count limits for your motivational statement. It is important that you keep between the limits:

  • any less and you may not have provided enough evidence
  • any more and you are likely to be straying away from the point

Staying under the maximum word count also shows your ability to write to a word limit – which will be useful when you start your studies!

General Tips

Write it offline
We recommend writing your application and motivational statement in a Word document before copying and pasting it into the online application form. That way it is easy to go back and make changes if required.

Check it before submitting
It’s important to proof read your application form and motivational statement to make sure you haven’t missed anything. The motivational statement is an opportunity to show your level of English, so if you aren’t a native speaker make sure to check your grammar as well as your spelling.

Check that the name you have provided on your application form is the same as the name on your ID documents (passport etc.) and certificates to avoid any delays in the application process.

Ask your enrolment advisor
Some programme applications will require a letter of recommendation from someone who knows you well on a professional basis – please check with your Enrolment Advisor. Your enrolment advisor is there to support you and will be happy to assist you with your application.

Read more about our online programmes or fill out the form below to speak to an enrolment advisor.

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