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Global Career Advisor Network

global career advisor network

Join a University of Liverpool online degree programme and you'll gain access to a Global Career Advisor Network that puts you in touch with global professionals and industry insiders. They can provide you with invaluable insights to help you to move ahead professionally, redirect your career or start a new business venture. In addition to these advisory and coaching services, you’ll also have the opportunity to gain insights into different industries through a series of specialised webinars. Contact us to find out more

Get Career Advice

Connect with industry advisors from all over the world – choose from 4,000 professionals in over 130 industries and sectors, from financial services, banking, and IT to consumer goods, telecom, marketing and advertising. Consult with professionals from companies such as Deloitte, Google, IBM, and Microsoft.

Make appointments with industry professionals for any of the following:

Research excellence

Career conversations

Take the opportunity to connect with someone doing the job you’d love to do, or to speak to an industry professional who’s already advanced in the direction in which you want to go. Fix a 30-minute appointment for an informational interview – an informal one-to-one discussion that can help you move nearer to your goals.

Research excellence

Resumé/CV critiques

Independent advice from a professional in your field can make a crucial difference. Have your CV or resumé reviewed and critiqued before you send it out to employers. Choose an advisor and ask him or her for a 30-60-minute appointment to discuss your CV in detail.

Russel International Excellence Group

Mock interviews

Ask your advisor for a 60-minute mock interview so that you can prepare professionally for a vital job interview. Connect in a secure online environment and practise presenting yourself, gaining feedback that can be invaluable for the real-life interview.

And that’s not all.

Join in career webinars

Demystify specific career paths or listen to panellists from different industries discussing their careers in the Career Webinar series.

University of Liverpool
Choose from over 180 webinars that are designed to shed light on a multitude of career paths.

You can select webinars based on your specific industry, topic or regional interests. For example, take the opportunity to listen and learn about careers in entrepreneurship from a co-founder of Birchbox, or careers in Marketing from the CMO of Technicolor, or Sales and Digital Marketing careers from an Industry Analyst at Google.

Enjoy 24/7 unlimited access to the webinars, viewing them at times that suit you best.

Contact us to find out moreThe Global Career Advisor Network is powered by Firsthand.