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Our Online
Learning Model

The University of Liverpool’s online learning model has been fine-tuned over the many years that the University has been a leader in the field of 100% online postgraduate education. Our fully online programmes are designed to provide a rich and intellectually stimulating learning experience that can fit alongside your personal and professional commitments.

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How online learning works

  1. Collaboration
  2. The online classroom
  3. Asynchronous interaction
  4. Assessment
  5. Turning theory into practice
  6. New student preparation
  7. Online library and other services
  8. Dissertations
  9. Graduation
  10. Connect with fellow alumni


The University of Liverpool’s online learning model is highly collaborative, setting it apart from others. It’s through collaboration that you’ll learn the most. Studying in small groups with professionals from all over the world, you’ll gain insights that are invaluable in a global economy.

The online classroom

On your start date, your online classroom will go ‘live’. You’ll log in, find the schedule for your first module, and start your programme. This will involve:

  • Reading texts, using rich media
  • Researching online, in books and at your workplace
  • Writing short articles, with references, checked in Turnitin*
  • Posting to the private online discussion forum
  • Reading and responding to posts from peers and faculty

* Turnitin is an electronic tool that helps check that you’re submitting original work with appropriate references

Asynchronous interaction

All deadlines are set in your local time zone and there are no fixed times when you have to be online. You should plan to log in to the online classroom most days of the week to read and contribute to online discussions.


As well as feedback from your peers, you’ll receive feedback and grades from faculty throughout each module of your degree so that you know what progress you’re making. You’ll be graded on your participation in the online classroom as well as on the academic quality of your assignments and research. This ongoing assessment ensures that you meet the University’s high standards. There are no exams (except for an online oral ‘viva voce’ for doctoral students).

Turning theory into practice

Studying while continuing in your current job means you can transfer your learning to real life. You can test out theories and best practice in your workplace and return to the online classroom to share your findings with your peers. Participate fully and you should see the rewards in your professional life long before you graduate.

New student preparation

Before your start date, you’ll complete the new student preparation programme which will help you to become familiar with our learning model, our online library and our student support services. You’ll also be asked to order textbooks, if required.

Online library and other services

You will be expected to read academic books and journal articles throughout your studies. As an online student, you can access a wide variety of texts free of charge from our online library. You’ll also have access to support services such as specialist tutors who can help you improve your academic writing.


For master's and doctoral programmes, you’ll be assigned an Advisor or Supervisor to help you through the final research phase of your online degree.

For doctoral degrees, you’ll have the option of attending a face-to-face residency in Liverpool. You’ll also have an oral ‘viva voce’ exam after completing your thesis – but this will take place online.

Read more about our doctoral degrees.


You can choose to receive your degree certificate in person at an official graduation ceremony in Liverpool or to have it posted to you. Over 40% of online students choose to attend graduation.

Online degrees from the University of Liverpool have the same status and standing as equivalent degrees awarded to graduates who studied on campus. This applies to all our postgraduate certificate, master’s and doctoral programmes.*

Read more about graduation.

Connect with fellow alumni

Designed to help you advance professionally, a University of Liverpool degree gives you access to a community of over 195,000 alumni around the world.

Learn more about alumni benefits.

Advance your qualifications in your own time


100% online

no fixed times
to be online

The total duration of degree programmes can vary from student to student.
You can expect to study for about 1 year for a Postgraduate Certificate, 2.5 years for a master’s degree, and 5 years for a doctorate.
More than 8 out of 10 online graduates (82%) rate the University of Liverpool online classroom as excellent or very good.*

Your questions answered

Christian Burwood, Director of International Advising and Student Support for the University of Liverpool Online Programmes explains what you need to study online and how it works in practice.

* Results gathered by the University of Liverpool in 2016 from 1,393 online alumni who responded to our survey (15% of those contacted).